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The ICAA Announces Appleton Partners LLP as winners of the 2022 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in Architecture

For Immediate Release Spring, 2022
Spring, 2022 – The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) announces Winners for the 2022 Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition.

Founded by Marc Appleton in 1976, Appleton Partners LLP maintains offices in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara, California with the support of partners Ken Mineau, Andrew Scott, andan exemplary design and project management team. The firm has designed over 800 projects and specializes in the planning, architecture, and landscape design of custom residential, institutional, and commercial projects.
Whether contemporary or traditional in style, Appleton Partners architecture embraces an appreciation of place and time. The work is regionally diverse and eclectic and rejects the idea that a successful design practice needs to be “branded” or have a consistent signature. The firm believes that a harmonious relationship between buildings and landscape is essential, that architecture does not always have to shout, and that it takes effort and restraint to achieve something easy and unselfconscious.  The firm’s work under Marc’s leadership was consistently named to Architectural Digest’s AD100 list from 1991-2016. In 2011, Marc won the Westweek Star of Design Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2014 he became the first recipient of the Design Leadership Network’s inaugural Design Leadership Award. Appleton Partners LLP continues his legacy of excellence. Three superlative residential projects including Florestal, Villa Ravello and the Zanuck Residence are extraordinary for their sense of place, historic preservation, landscape design and use of materials. Appleton Partners wide ranging portfolio embrace an extraordinary understanding of historical precedents, the climate and the landscape conditions specific to the project. Their designs often marry regionally sensitive solutions grounded in the classical language. The ICAA extends this prestigious architecture award in 2022 to honor the firm’s longstanding design contributions nationwide.

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